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93292CRMSPS-SW2 2530ng/l986952
9322CRMCASS-4 26.1ng/l1.92550
9318CRMCASS-4 2.803ug/l0.1811252
93272CRMSPS-SW2 99.86ug/l3.964552
93281CRMSPS-SW2 10020ng/l10406952
9316CRMCASS-4 10.4ng/l3.21252
9319CRMCASS-4 5ng/l11252
9313CRMCASS-4 0.567ug/l0.0151252
93261CRMSPS-SW2 49420ng/l22215752
9314CRMCASS-4 0.83ug/l0.0911252
93293CRMSPS-SW2 25450ng/l10006252
9311CRMCASS-4 0.317ug/l0.0111252
9317CRMCASS-4 2.546ug/l0.1381252
9321CRMCASS-4 10.4ng/l1.62550
93294CRMSPS-SW2 50.95ug/l4.511252
9312CRMCASS-4 0.376ug/l0.0181252
93271CRMSPS-SW2 10260ng/l4914552
93291CRMSPS-SW2 103.36ug/l8.842752
9315CRMCASS-4 1.141ug/l0.0481252

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