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Diseases in biota

Temporal and spatial trend data for monitoring the environmental quality. For example OSPAR, HELCOM, AMAP and ICES working groups.

-Please note that downloaded data may include additional related measurements, e.g. length, weight, age.

Reporting LaboratoryAnalytical LaboratoryParameter GroupMeasurements
BFCG Gross diseases and parasites163902
BODCALUKGross diseases and parasites76751
BODCBLUKGross diseases and parasites160064
RIVORIVOGross diseases and parasites1599
DOUK Gross diseases and parasites15235
RIVO Gross diseases and parasites7051
BIOS BIOS Gross diseases and parasites625
BODCDOUKGross diseases and parasites248360
DOUKDOUKGross diseases and parasites97220
IMAR IMAR Gross diseases and parasites263
SLUQ GUZIHistopathology927
ALUK Gross diseases and parasites17683
BFCGBFCGGross diseases and parasites6517413
DFHU Gross diseases and parasites26943
DGWN Gross diseases and parasites9023
SFIP Gross diseases and parasites18720

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