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Phytoplankton data for monitoring the environmental status. For example HELCOM, OSPAR, AMAP and ICES working groups.

Reporting LaboratoryAnalytical LaboratoryParameter GroupMeasurements
BFGGLUNG Biological community parameters30223
FEIFJYUFBiological community parameters894
IMWPIMWPBiological community parameters122605
KZPP  Biological community parameters75
KZPP KZPP Biological community parameters14097
MTTU MTTU Biological community parameters15962
RCMH RCMH Biological community parameters1027
SMHIWEAQ Biological community parameters35463
ASLRASLRBiological community parameters8826
BFGGLNUGBiological community parameters228707
EWMP EWMP Biological community parameters23532
SZPP SZPP Biological community parameters63033
BFGGIFOGBiological community parameters163850
DHIGIUKGBiological community parameters14005
ICNFIDINBiological community parameters1
IFOGIFOGBiological community parameters3193
IMREIMREBiological community parameters128027
IMRF Biological community parameters13589
IMWP Biological community parameters75
NERINERIBiological community parameters92549
SLPP SLPP Biological community parameters3646
SMHISMHIBiological community parameters125973
SMHISUSEBiological community parameters124290
SZPP KZPP Biological community parameters5367
FEIFFEIFBiological community parameters85562
FEIFHKYFBiological community parameters3390
GDPP GDPP Biological community parameters45938
ICNFIBOUBiological community parameters579
IFOG Biological community parameters4899
IMRFIMRFBiological community parameters51554
MRLTMRLTBiological community parameters61813
RWSW RWSW Biological community parameters5407
SMHI Biological community parameters340
SMHIFOLBBiological community parameters1038
SMHIUMSCBiological community parameters82153

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