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Zoobenthos data for monitoring the environmental status. For example HELCOM, OSPAR, AMAP and ICES working groups.

Reporting LaboratoryAnalytical LaboratoryParameter GroupMeasurements
BFGGAWIGBiological community parameters259
DHIG  21
IMWPSFIPBiological community parameters450
FEIFFEIFBiological community parameters3553
IFOG Biological community parameters60
IMRE Biological community parameters2021
MRLTMRLTBiological community parameters7343
SMHI  90
SMHIUMSCBiological community parameters12508
ASLRASLRBiological community parameters9618
BFGGLNUGBiological community parameters16552
SZPP Biological community parameters3931
BFGGMARIBiological community parameters7622
BFGGWMHGBiological community parameters8623
FEIF  112
IMWPIMWPBiological community parameters5675
NERI Biological community parameters29334
SYKESYKEBiological community parameters2997
BFGGIFOGBiological community parameters21171
BFGGNLBGBiological community parameters2739
FEIFIMRFBiological community parameters890
IMRF Biological community parameters2269
IMWP Biological community parameters20216
MRLT  10
RCMH  10
SMHIUCKSBiological community parameters3442
SMRC  18
BFGGBASGBiological community parameters13719
BFGGIFAGBiological community parameters29805
BFGGNLNGBiological community parameters41485
EWMP Biological community parameters608
IMWP  242
KZPP Biological community parameters622
LOMILOMIBiological community parameters20349
NERIRAKDBiological community parameters157723
RCMHRCMHBiological community parameters304
SMHIKMFSBiological community parameters27994
SMRCKMFSBiological community parameters11188
DHIGIUKGBiological community parameters25319
FEIFSYKEBiological community parameters575
IFOGIFOGBiological community parameters1850
IMRF  408
MRLT Biological community parameters6
NERINERIBiological community parameters159096
SMHISMHIBiological community parameters13471
SMHISUSEBiological community parameters18951
SMRCSUSEBiological community parameters171
SMRCUMSCBiological community parameters1042
BFGGBFGGBiological community parameters4419
BFGGKFOGBiological community parameters849
GDPP Biological community parameters2814
IFOG  17
IMRE  43
IMRFIMRFBiological community parameters11036
LOMI  354
SMHITMBLBiological community parameters59487
SYKE  43

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